Interagency Home Finance Cooperative.

Common Sense Home Financing.

The Interagency Home Finance Cooperative ("IHFC") is an Instrumentality of Government and a cooperative of U.S. government housing agencies providing home financing solutions for households across America. The IHFC believes:

Bi-partisan leadership with a focus on innovative housing solutions is being provided through think tanks, such as the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America's Families. Seasoned housing leaders, such as Carol Galante and Raphael Bostic (both former Assistant Secretaries for HUD) and Dave Stevens, the President of the Mortgage Bankers Association ("MBA") among others, are scouring the country for scalable housing finance programs that can have broad impact on the creation of housing opportunities from rental to homeownership.

As a part of his work with the Terwilliger Foundation and the MBA, Mr. Stevens published that "tighter lending standards are shutting out millions of consumers, pushing homeownership rates to a 21-year low... lease-purchase programs should be part of the solution..." In further commentary, Mr. Stevens notes that "the government alone cannot solve the problem (the shortage of housing options)". Members of the IHFC agree and go on further to state that "private capital and effective public-private partnerships must be a part of the solution".

The IHFC believes that wealth generation through homeownership is key to the core success of the U.S. economy. The Joint Center for Housing Studies in a recent study found that for those who owned a home in 1999 but were renting in 2009, median net wealth fell by $44,000, erasing approximately 80 percent of net wealth. However, for those who successfully moved from renting to homeownership over this same time period, wealth increased by $86,300, a ten-fold increase.

Clearly the wealth generated through homeownership is something that cannot be replicated by any other means. Providing a responsible financing program for American households to return to homeownership and encouraging the Millennial generation (our next generation of household formation) to engage in homeownership should be one of America's top priorities. Not taking action is irresponsible.

Enter Trio lease-to-own home financing. A true financial innovation that bridges the financing gap enabling more of America’s households to enter or re-enter into homeownership.